After tons of emails every day for over 10 years, we’ve heard just about every question imaginable, and most are listed and answered elsewhere at this site and below to save us time answering them again and again

First time seeing an escort?

Want to learn how to make your favorite girl like you? Read the following to avoid making a faux pas and become an escort’s favorite client.

Generally, you want to avoid contacting an escort unless you are ready to book an actual appointment. Understand we run a business and our time and energy is just as valuable as anyone else’s. If you find a provider you like but aren’t ready to yet book an appointment, resist the temptation to send them a message just to tell them this. If you wouldn’t go out of your way to randomly call a hairdresser you have no intention on seeing just to tell them you like their work but “unfortunately, I do not need a haircut right now!”, give escorts and their business the same regard.

Be respectful of an escort’s time.

Most escorts require at least a few hours notice, others 24+ hours, again take a look at what kind of notice they ask for. This is very individual. Nothing says to me “I don’t have any consideration for you” more than a message that asks to meet me on my off-day, or a client who seems to think I have no life outside my job and am available 24 hours around the clock. This means that if I post I’m hosting incalls on Thursday, don’t ask me for a half-hour Wednesday incall appointment. If I post I’m working 8am to 10pm, don’t message me drunk at 3am. The only exception to this is if you understand that convenience has a cost. Only in town one day and really want to convince your favorite provider to see you outside her scheduled hours? You better be willing to make it worth their while.